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Why our customers love their bide boxes

Super products which work

Super products which really work whist protecting our bodies and environment from nasty chemicals and unnecessary packaging.

K Capes

I am loving my subscription to bide

I am loving my subscription to bide. It’s so hassle-free and the products really work! Nice to have a gleaming house, knowing that I haven’t been destroying the planet in the process 💚


The box (recyclable) is full of goodies ready to be diluted and used. They all smell lovely and they all work really well, especially the antibacterial spray. A great way to start saving the planet.

Anita M

Lovely products

Everything about the box & it’s content has been carefully thought through. The packaging is simple and and the products smell natural. I love how you can change and manage your subscription of products if you use more of one product and less of another. 🧼


This is my first small step…

This is my first small step into trying to be more eco-friendly so thank you Bide for making it so easy. The box is beautifully presented and I found it all simple to use. I am still trying things out as I swap them in for my old products but I particularly love the hemp scrubbie and the soluble sachets. The dishwasher powder is great too. My only suggestion is that I would prefer to order just what I need each time. Well done to the Bide Team on such a great start.


I never thought I could be so happy…

I never thought I could be so happy about cleaning products. The thought and care that has gone into each element of the Bide boxes is so clear - from the packaging, the quality of the products and to how they are made. I’m just on the start of my journey to removing plastic and increasing sustainability and this is a great way to short cut a lot of research and time and rely on expert curation. I now need abide to help me with beauty products!!!

R Lewis


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How knowledge gaps propel the false perception that “one person can’t make a difference.”

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by Callum Morrell Recycling (as in placing recyclable waste in the appropriate bin, or bag, at home or on the go) is something many people find straightforward. We...

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bide was formed on 2 pillars; #1 helping people to adopt more sustainable lives #2 supporting people to work from home.

All of our products have been designed with the planet in mind. We have taken care of the hard work of finding sustainable solutions, so you don't have to.

bide cleaning products have been handmade by our home manufacturing network. An initiative to support at home work.

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