bide boxes

A new subscription service offering sustainable, environmentally friendly, convenient and effective cleaning products. 

One months supply of sustainable, vegan and plastic free cleaning

Powerful powder with a natural solution. Made by Zuzanna and Jack

Tough on dirt but gentle on the planet and your hands. Made by Jenny

Fizz your way to a clean toilet. Made by Klaudia

5 cleaning concentrates in fully water soluble sachets: 

Anti-bacterial Kitchen Cleaner

Oven Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Anti-bacterial Bathroom Cleaner

Woodbased cellulose sponge encased in hemp. 

100% compostable cloths. Fully machine washable and long lasting.

My Bide box arrived and evenly though it was cleaning products (not something I would generally get excited out), it was as exciting as receiving a present. It not only provides so much product for your money, but also gave me fantastic new ideas in how to be more aware and sustainable (for instance ditching the washing up liquid for soap and brush and using toilet stars instead of duck). Everything is packaged minimally, but beautifully. I can't wait for my next one and thank you for both bringing me delight and changing my behaviour 


One step close to being eco aware and eco friendly in our daily lives. Inspiration maker!