bide Social Enterprise

bide is a pending B Corporation Social Enterprise.

At our core, we care deeply about the people and the people who inhabit it.

bide addresses 2 major challenges;  exponential growth in unemployment rates, expedited by COVID-19 and the climate crisis calling for mass adoption of sustainable practices.

bide was formed to find a solution to produce goods that are environmentally positive and have social impact. 

In 2020 we launched bide home manufacturing (bhm).

What is home manufacturing? Instead of manufacturing our products in factories, we bring the factories to people's homes.

This is a socially and environmentally impactful method of producing.

Our home manufacturing network is an initiative to empower the unemployed and marginalised to earn a living from the safety of their own homes.

We partner with charities whose vital outreach efforts help the underrepresented to rebuild.

Our home manufacturing network invites communities to produce our bide cleaning products from their own homes. 

bide cleaning products are made from toxic free, plant derived raw ingredients. This means that there is no toxicity when they are used to clean your home and we are not releasing harmful materials into our water systems.

Equally important is that they are safe for our home producers to handle during the manufacturing process.

bide eco cleaning boxes are a zero waste cleaning solution, powered by local homeworkers.

Want to become a bide home manufacturer?

Contact us at to learn how you can join the network