About us

bide was formed upon two pillars; #1 how do we help the planet, #2 how do we support those that inhabit it?

Our planet is at breaking point, we need a green revolution in the production, distribution and sale of  goods and services.

The Climate Crisis calls for change. We need mass adoption of sustainable living practices.

We have massively under utilised workforce. There is rising unemployment and the pandemic has left communities with little opportunity to work.

bide's mission is to offer simple sustainable solutions, powered by cottage industry.



We are a team of eco minded humans, passionate to help make change.

We believe in honesty and transparency which is reflected in the way we communicate with our customers and partners. It is important to us that we can offer high quality and affordable solutions.

Above all we understand the importance of our role in helping to support and preserve our beautiful planet.

Want to become a bide home manufacturer?

Contact us at info@bideboxes.com to learn how you can join the network