When I walk in the woods

  • by bide planet

by Aurelie, aged 8.


When I walk in the woods I 

want to see hedgehogs curled up in little spikey balls, I want

to hear birds twittering in the trees

When I go to the beach I want to

Watch fish darting about in the shallows

I want to observe ghostly white

Seagulls swooping overhead. I want to feel

the gentle breeze on my face. When I walk in 

the hazy green fields I want to see baby

rabbits hopping around. When I look up

in to the face of the bright blue sky I

want to see towering trees reaching up

to touch it. But this is not what I see.

When I walk in the woods I see ugly plastic

bottles lying under bushes, buried under grass.

When I go to the beach I see rusty tin cans

and sharp bits of broken glass. When I 

walk in the fields I see discarded plastic

bags floating around and choking new growth.

This is not what I want to see.



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